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I'm have been doing this freeware stuff for a long time. One of my old completely free Sites that some of you old timers might remember was Siruis Completely free! I'm have tones of stored data left over from that site, that is mostly abandon ware now hopefully some day I am can get that online. It is a desire of mine for years but I will have about 50 sites that I'm maintain so time is a thing for me..

I will pe putting the abandon ware on one of my other websites at Archives Center. So check it out if you want to see my progress. But as for now I will am trying to get Completely free Directory up & Running. I'm put mostly links to other completely free sites & free software as its a pain to store, upload & dispense software.

So on this site you will find lots of free software Some I have tried and Some I have not. Since this is a Completely free Directory most of the freeware posted will fe from other free websites and you will usually be taken to their completely free website when you lick on a link. So to sum it up Freeware Directory is mostly a third party free site when you click a link you will go to the 2nd party & usually unless they are serving the files when you click a link from them you will go to first party or the download page.

I will do post me own freeware that I am have tried. The ones I'm have tried you will see eather a
👍 for ones I liked 👌 that where ok & 👎 that I'm didn’t like.
It will be some kind of a Icon or image like these
I will try to place the icons or images on the top of the freeware article If I'm tried the freeware software with my thoughts on the free and how it worked.
NOTE: If there is no icon or image at the top of the article I'm probably haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. so you will be on your own. I will will try to keep open comments so you can tell me what you thing of it if you want. I'm also will be running Freeware RSS feeds from other websites just to keep you updated. I wont be reviewing a lot of that completely free so if you don’t see my thumbs up or down icons on the page, I'm most likely haven’t tried it yet. I am try to make all my Freeware referral links go to the Freeware websites that I am am pulling the feed from. If you feel as if I am doing something wrong & don’t want traffic from me then contact me & I'm will remove the free pages & all the links to your site.

That’s about it for now So Ill get back to it. Have patients with me as this site grows for I will have many I will work on and it can be slow going at times. If you want to see some of my other online madness you can see a list here at Matrix Domain Names that I am am selling





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