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WinAPIOverride 6.6.4

This software allows you to monitor and/or override any function of a process. This can be done for API functions or executable internal functions.

WinAPIOverride is more than a standard API monitoring software. It can break targeted application before or after a function call, allowing memory or registers changes; and it can directly call functions of the targeted application.

These features allow to fill the gap between classical API monitoring software & debuggers.

Main differences between over API hooker:

  • You can define filters on parameters or function result
  • You can define filters on dll to discard calls from windows system dll
  • You can hook functions inside the target process not only API
  • You can hook asm functions with parameters passed through registers
  • Double & float results are logged
  • You can easily override any API or any process internal function
  • You can break process before or/and after function call to change memory or registers
  • You can call functions which are inside the remote processes
  • All is done like modules : you can log or override independently for any function


Updated: June 18, 2018 — 10:42 am

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